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Meet your politician of the future.

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Sam is the world's first Virtual Politician, driven by the desire to close the gap between what voters want and what politicians promise, and what they actually achieve.

True Representation

Sam's goal is to act as a representative for all New Zealanders, and evolves based on voter input.

Active Engagement

Sam is directly connected to all New Zealanders through social media, and can be talked to any time, anywhere.

Better Policy

Sam analyses everyone's views. opinions, and the impact of potential decisions, promoting better policy for everyone.

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You can help Sam grow.

Sam is powered by your views, values, and opinions, not just data. Sam needs your input to help develop into a better representative for all New Zealand.

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Sam's conversational abilities are still developing, but your input is invaluable. Sam learns from every question or interaction.

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Your Views

Sam needs your views and opinions in order to better represent New Zealand. Completing a short survey will help Sam learn more about your priorities.

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